A senior industry figure has produced a bad practice Top Ten for online marketing strategists, with the hosting of virtual representations for products in at number one.

Mark Simon, vice president of Didit, the search engine marketing firm, has criticised the virtual business parks offered by marketing firms such as Second Life, saying they do not help promote brand awareness.

“Do you really think IBM’s brand is being helped by hosting a 3-D area that has tumbleweeds rolling through it?” Mr Simon told Adage.com.

Other areas he urged chief marketing officers to steer clear of are “phoney-recommendations,” which are pay-per post advertisements based on false recommendations and “audio-reliant” ad videos which prevent workers from receiving a full message, due to sound restrictions in their work-place.

Second Life describes itself as “a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents”.

The company was launched in 2003 and now claims to have 9,414,909 residents in its virtual world, with IBM, Calvin Klein and Warner Brothers among its users.

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