B2B marketing professionals have been advised to improve the ways in which they gather B2B data.

Kevin Slatter, managing director of G2 Data Dynamics, said there is a wide array of channels and platforms open to firms and they should capitalise on this “wealth of data”.

Writing in Marketing Week, he lamented the lack of knowledge firms have about their clients and their general dearth of solid B2B data.

Mr Slatter explained: “It’s astonishing how little companies really know about their customers: what motivates their behaviour, who is about to lapse, who is the most valuable (past and future) and how do they prefer to be contacted, for what, when and how often.”

He stressed that gathering all through crucial information can significantly help firms improve the relationships they have with their clients and help them achieve overall success in their campaign strategies.

Writing on the Influential Marketing blog, Rohit Bhargava, senior vice-president of strategy and marketing at Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence, recently urged firms to engage with their clients using top quality editorial content.

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