Targeting is key to any B2B direct mail campaign, one industry expert recently claimed.

Speaking at Marketing Week’s annual conference, Mark Ritson told attendees of the event that clearly defined targets should be created outlining the likely consumers that will benefit from any product before a campaign is launched.

He claimed: “Marketing should exclude people … targeting who you want but also who you don’t want.”

Indeed, Mr Ritson noted it is better to selectively target a small group who are likely to benefit from direct mail than to blanket contact a large swathe of consumers, when only a small percentage are likely to find the correspondence useful.

He concluded that targeting should be a central premise of all B2B direct mail.

Meanwhile, Bryce Marshall, director of strategic services at Knotice, recently noted in an article for Marketing Profs that creating a clear map of where a business wants to go is key in any direct marketing campaign.

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