Companies have been advised that B2B direct marketing could be set to grow considerably in the coming years.

The Direct Mail Advertising Services – A Global Strategic Business Report by Paul Chapman revealed the market is forecast to reach $25 billion (£15.62 billion) by 2015 and is displaying steady growth over the medium term.

It found that the European sector is being driven by mass direct marketing initiatives and multi-channel promotions, with the sector set to reach $830 million in the region by 2015.

Mr Chapman argued: “Innovation is also driving the market, along with innovative promotional content, new designs in mailing concepts and hard-to-avoid product and service offers.”

Elsewhere, David Sims, contributing editor for TMC Net, recently claimed that verification should be a top priority for B2B direct marketing professionals.

He noted that without this practice, data lists can quickly become out of date and of little use to firms.

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