Business to business (B2B) email marketing is just as challenging as emailing other consumers, an expert has said.

According to industry analyst Michael Fleischner, firms seeking to promote their business through email still have to consider the basics in order to ensure their communications are read.

Writing on the Marketing Blog, Mr Fleischner advised firms to send email messages at regular intervals and only use creative and interesting content.

Businesses were also urged to make it easy for recipients to opt out of mailing lists and to only send information that customers are likely to want to read.

“As a marketer, you still want to adhere to basic principles that help to ensure that your email is not mistaken for spam,” Mr Fleischner explained.

E-consultancy has also recently warned marketers that irrelevant emails are likely to be considered as spam.

The marketing resources company advised senders to remove invalid addresses and inactive subscribers from distribution lists to reduce the chances of communications being flagged up as spam and blocked.

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