B2B direct marketers are increasingly employing social media as part of their campaign strategies.

According to Rob Crumpler, president and chief executive of BuzzLogic, social media platforms are “revolutionising” B2B relationships and creating more avenues for firms to secure business leads.

In a recent post on DMNews.com, he noted that the explosion of “conversational media” has also created a fragmented marketplace for advertisers to increase their knowledge of social platforms.

Mr Crumpler advised marketers to take time to understand social media and see how they can help them devise targeted and appropriate communications.

“Know your audience and then determine where the most relevant conversations are happening,” he advised.

“Targeting decision-makers when they are engaged in content impacts message recall and click-through rates.”

In a recent Marketing Week article, industry expert Joe Fernandez advised marketers to keep their data lists in good shape so the effectiveness of their campaigns is not compromised.

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