B2B marketers devote less time and money to social networks than do B2C marketers, a new survey suggests.

According to a poll conducted by digital marketing company White Horse, four in ten B2B firms devote one or more full-time marketers to social media marketing, compared to over half (54 per cent) of B2C companies.

Just ten per cent of B2B companies said they have solicited the help of an agency for help with social media strategies, compared with over a quarter (28 per cent) of B2C companies.

However, the B2B Marketing Goes Social report found that 71 per cent of B2B firms questioned devote two or more part-time marketing resources to social media management, compared to just 62 per cent of B2C marketers.

Eric Anderson, vice-president of marketing at White Horse, said: “Social media is fertile ground for B2B lead cultivation. B2B marketing tends to be relationship-driven and social media can be a natural facilitator for that approach.”