Networking could supplement the marketing activity of many businesses in the coming year, one industry figure has suggested.

Chief executive and co-founder of online business networking platform, Martin Warner, has underlined the benefits that the practice can have for those firms conducting business-to-business (B2B) marketing campaigns.

Mr Warner urged B2B marketers not to forget about the importance of building relationships with fellow firms.

He commented: “It’s gone past this idea that companies need websites. The reality is that the world of B2B is terribly fragmented.

“People rely on relationships to get through their job. There’s an adoption issue between how you network face-to-face and how you enable a tool like the internet to help you to do that.”

A survey which was conducted by BT Tradespace, published in November 2008, found that most companies are aware of online marketing benefits, but only 52 per cent have their own website.

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