Few B2B marketers are incorporating social networking sites into their strategies and marketing campaigns, a new report shows.

According to a study carried out by Survey Sampling International (SSI), just 11 per cent of UK B2B marketers use social networks in their business strategies despite the increasing popularity of sites such as Facebook.

UK business people are also lagging behind their counterparts in the rest of Europe when it comes to using social networking sites personally.

Just 51 per cent of business people in the UK are part of a social network, compared to 63 per cent in the Netherlands and 75 per cent in Spain.

The most popular site is Facebook, used by 62 per cent of respondents, followed by Myspace, which is used by 32 per cent of those surveyed.

Michel Guidi, managing director of SSI Europe, said: “This survey indicates that B2B users have a sound understanding of social networks as a space, but are reluctant to incorporate it into marketing plans.

“This consensus across Europe suggests that social networks are not yet regarded as a forum for new business.”

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