B2B direct marketers should incorporate “postal gimmicks” into their communications in order to maximise their campaigns’ chances of success.

According to BtoB Online, when applied to direct mail envelopes, such gimmicks are likely to encourage prompt attention and conversion.

Marketers were also advised to make use of subtle messages on their direct mail packages to convey important points, such as a ‘do not bend’ note to warn recipients that the content is particularly valuable, or ‘dated material’ and ‘second attempt’ notes to convey urgency.

However, David Henkel, president of direct mail printing and production company Johnson & Quin, warned that marketers should employ appropriate gimmicks based on the niche market they are targeting otherwise the promotions could be “distasteful or disruptive” to their campaigns.

Mr Henkel also advised marketers to make sure that the techniques they use do not fall foul of postal regulations.

Direct mail copywriter Dean Rieck has previously suggested on MarketingVox.com that marketers should include quizzes or checklists in their communications to encourage brand engagement and participation.

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