B2B marketing professionals have been advised not to forget about the content strategy within their marketing plans.

Content marketing strategist and leading author Joe Pulizzi said that although every company’s marketing process tends to differ slightly, the content strategy should always figure prominently in any effective marketing plan.

Writing on the Junta42 blog, he also urged firms to make sure they know the specific tactics that will facilitate their campaign strategies, such as a corporate blog, and maintain a watertight editorial plan for the tactics.

Marketers were also advised to fully review their base content (i.e. a corporate blog post) before distributing the content and make sure it is fully optimised for search engines both on-page and off-page.

Measuring return-on-investment is important in gauging the success and profitability of B2B marketing campaigns, so firms were also urged to utilise useful metrics such as analytics, conversions, direct/cross sales or other qualitative measures.

Writing in Media Post, industry commentator Ryan Deutsch recently advised brands to solicit feedback from consumers to improve their offerings.

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