B2B marketing professionals need to have an excellent knowledge of the corporate clients they are targeting before going ahead with their campaign strategy.

That is the advice from Stefan Topfer, chief executive and chairman of WinWeb, who explained that business clients tend to have different needs from consumers, so marketers should thoroughly research prospects before sending content to them through B2B mailing lists.

“It always helps to have at least a passing knowledge of the industry that your business customers operate in,” he commented in an article for Nasdaq.com.

Mr Topfer also highlighted the significance of personalised and tailored pitching, which makes prospects and clients feel that content is relevant to their own specific needs.

“When trying to win over potential B2B customers, you need to convince them on a personal level that your product will have some sort of positive impact on the business,” he said.

A recent report from Forrester reveals that social media is one of the major areas that will witness a marked rise in B2B spending over the next four years.

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