Ever wondered why the reach of your B2B marketing campaign is not as comprehensive as it ought to be?

Maybe this is because you are not fully exploiting all the tactics at your disposal, such as newsletters, which are an excellent way to keep clients engaged and lure prospects who are lurking in the shadows.

According to Mark Haslan, of Overnight Prints, when it comes to establishing yourself as an “industry thought leader”, newsletters are among the most effective marketing strategies available to B2B marketing professionals.

“Companies can use newsletters to tackle common challenges faced by recipients while also marketing the sponsoring firm’s products,” he says, noting that newsletters are especially good for attracting B2B clients, as they are usually industry-specific.

Mr Haslan also stresses the importance of cultivating a relevant B2B mailing list of current and prospective clients, so any content that is sent out reaches its intended destination.

Also, make sure you don’t forget to personalise newsletters, as this shows your clients that you have taken the time to tailor content specifically for them.

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