An expert has urged B2B marketing sales teams to focus their attention on web-based platforms because activity abounds in those channels.

Robert Lesser, founder and president of Direct Impact Marketing, said many buyers are beginning to do business differently and are more at ease communicating and collaborating online.

Writing on the Acquiring Minds B2B lead generation blog, he pointed out that consumers are now more comfortable purchasing via online platforms and applications such as email, online chat at web conferencing.

“These buyers expect a fast response from an informed sales rep and will not wait for the time it takes to schedule an in-person meeting,” Mr Lesser said.

He added that the globalised nature of contemporary business means that clients are likely to be dispersed all over the world. This makes face-to-face meetings less likely and necessitates the use of online media.

Rob Lovell, chief executive of Think Grid, recently highlighted the importance of cloud computing in helping companies keep their operations working smoothly in times of unforeseen crises.