New research has shown that the outlook for the B2B print magazine sector is positive.

Figures from Royal Mail have revealed that only one-fifth of all UK business decision makers read online magazines despite the huge growth in marketing the online sector has seen, according to Intellagencia.

In fact, 75 per cent of those questioned say they get greater enjoyment from reading magazines than they do when reading material on the internet.

Emily Travis, Royal Mail market development manager, said: “We undertook this research to gain insight into the value of printed business magazines both for readers and advertisers.

“It is clear business professionals consider the information contained in their chosen magazines to be important in enabling them to do their jobs effectively.”

The survey discovered that 80 per cent of participants said they looked at business magazines more than once while 82 per cent claimed they took the time to read the whole magazine.

Interestingly, 70 per cent of business decision makers said they take notice of adverts on printed magazines.

Ms Travis stated that the research showed how business magazines were not just viewed as an essential part of the working environment but were also enjoyed by the readership.

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