Knowledge of a target audience is key to the effective personalisation of a direct mail campaign, it has been suggested.

Terry Woods, centre director for kdesigngroup, one of London’s direct mail services, has stressed that direct mail targets may be changing their outlook as a result of the ongoing economic downturn.

Mr Woods went on to pick out direct mail as a good way to reach out to potential clients in a competitive market place.

He said: “As companies struggle to compete for customers in a tough economic climate, they should consider how their target audience is also changing as a result of the recession.

“A bespoke, personalised, well-targeted mailer can make a huge difference in building awareness of a brand, product or service and help to keep business booming.”

In other direct mail news, Peter Vandevanter, vice president for Targeted Products for MediaNews Group stateside, will tell the World Association of Newspapers conference in May that a personalised publication known as “the individuated newspaper” could soon rival direct mail as a marketing method.

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