Firms that make proper use of corporate blogs could reap massive rewards in the future, an expert has advised.

According to Chris Lake, editor-in-chief of E-consultancy, blogging is part of a firm’s wider marketing strategy and if they expect to make any gains, their corporate web use has to be planned and executed effectively.

He pointed out that many businesses are underprepared when it comes to blogging but should always ensure that they include appropriate keywords and search phrases in order to rank highly in search engine results.

“Blogs can be amazing for securing high results in Google, but only if you understand what makes Google tick,” Mr Lake explained. “It’s a long-term game that will reward you massively if you get it right.”

A recent survey of 125 small businesses conducted by Write My Site found that almost two-thirds (62 per cent) of them set up blogs in order to increase traffic to their websites.

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