An expert has suggested that B2B marketing professionals can demonstrate how in touch they are with their clients via a blog.

Nick Baggot, founder of Navigate Consulting, said maintaining a public-facing corporate blog enables B2B marketing firms to show that they are leaders in their fields and allows them to engage more readily with their readership.

“Blogs allow brands to connect with their customers in a more informal way,” he commented.

“This means that they can appear more approachable and in touch with the market. [Blogs] can also be updated quicker, enabling brands to react fast to news and market changes.”

Mr Baggot added that blogs are particularly effective for B2B marketing because readers in these markets are usually more involved in lengthy purchasing processes and will thus have the time and inclination to read online content.

A recent US-focused survey conducted by eMarketer found that more than a third of companies use blogging as a marketing technique.