One of the world’s biggest brands has engaged in a Bluetooth marketing campaign, highlighting the growing importance of this means of reaching a consumer.

Pepsi is engaging in a mailing campaign with a difference by installing Qwikker transmitters in bus stops and phone boxes across the US to allow users to download popular clips.

In its first week, Pepsi said that the “cost effective and efficient” campaign had an opt-in download rate of 27 per cent for clips which included channels from Yahoo! Music.

Jodi Senese, executive vice-president of marketing at CBS Outdoor, one of the partners, commented: “Outdoor displays are the perfect vehicle for brands to connect with today’s mobile consumer.

“It’s the perfect combination of branding and engagement.”

Around 700,000 booths had the technology installed and Karen Robinson, CEO of Prime Point Media, another partner, said that it can tailor content, “such as point-of-sale support at convenience stores for Pepsi”.

Saul Kato, founder of Qwikker, added that the firms were “enabling consumers to respond directly to a brand marketing message on the street and leave with a piece of entertaining digital content”.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18137011-ADNFCR

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