There is a growing trend of brand fraud being perpetrated against online businesses, new research shows.

A study conducted by the Chief Marketing Office (CMO) Council, found that trademark trespass is among the most common forms of brand fraud being committed.

Meanwhile, the ability to identify online fraud is becoming more difficult for online retailers because increasingly sophisticated brand hijackers are now able to launch attacks without being detected.

Just under a third (29.5 per cent) of marketers said their main area of vulnerability is online, while 22.6 per cent of respondents cited offline.

Only 15 per cent of marketers said they lead brand protection programmes, while 42 per cent of firms said they assign this responsibility to their IT, legal or finance departments.

Jeff Bodary, an online marketing examiner, recently advised marketers that search engine optimisation and social media technologies can be used together in order to help improve online marketing strategies.