Businesses should not be tempted to make brand decisions based on social media conversations, it has been stated.

Doron Meyassed, managing director of Promise Communities, told attendees of the online branding and social media workshop that B2B marketing decisions are too important to base on research from sources that are unverified.

Indeed, this is the problem with social media interaction – it fails to define who is actually take part in the conversation, he said.

He commented: “If you’re suddenly noticing that a lot of people are complaining, who are these people? Are they your loyal customers or are they the same people who call to complain about Coronation Street? Are they a spoken minority?”

According to Marka Hansen, president of Gap brand North America, companies must take care when undergoing crowd sourcing and marketing efforts, as failure to do so can lead firm to make mistakes in their marketing approach.

Posted by Julie Knight, Managing Director – General Marketing, Industry News