Marketers can ensure that they make an impact with direct mail campaigns by using brochures, according to new advice.

Print Place, a US-based printing firm which prides itself on producing direct mail items with super-quick speed, has drawn attention to the possibilities which brochures make available to business-to-business marketers.

The company has highlighted the inclusion of rip-out coupons and exchange tickets as a good way of seeing a return on investment from brochures.

“Many businesses have been successful with their marketing campaigns because they were able to maximise the potential of their cheap brochure printing by a direct mail strategy,” said the printing service.

“Not only were they able to increase their client database, they were able to provide an effective means to convey a powerful message that gets response more times than they could count.”

High-quality graphics and colourful content are two other ways of increasing the impact of direct mail brochures.

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