Business data migration is set to become increasingly popular in 2010, an expert has predicted.

David Galton-Fenzi, group sales director at Zycko, said that as the global recession recovers, more businesses will be required to integrate their systems and upgrade their databases and storage facilities.

This will lead to more firms embarking on business data migrations over the course of the year as data volumes continue to grow at a rate of 50 to 80 per cent.

Mr Galton-Fenzi explained: “If [companies] come prepared and take time to understand their data, they are in a much better position to avoid many of the pitfalls commonly associated with data migration.”

He added that firms should take a structured approach to data migration in order to avoid expensive delays and inconvenient disruptions to business continuity.

Businesses were also advised to classify data according to access criteria and decide how much of the migration across the network will be automated or manual.

Posted by Matthew Collins, Technical Director – IT Data Cleaning, Hygiene, Analytics, Databases