The importance of accurate and effective business lists to direct marketers has been underlined by the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA).

According to the organisation, which speaks on behalf of the direct and interactive marketing industry, good-quality business data lists can be the making of an effective performance-based marketing campaign.

Jorgen Nygaard Andreassen, FEDMA’s marketing and membership manager, suggested that return on investment can be directly impacted by the data used.

He said: “Depending on the communication mix, business data is absolutely crucial to the success of the campaign. The better the data, the better the results.”

Mr Andreassen went onto estimate that the quality of data was “70 to 80 per cent” responsible for the success of a campaign, “depending on the product or service which is being marketed”.

FEDMA is comprised of national Direct Marketing Associations from across the continent, as well as 200 direct company members.

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