Businesses have been offered some tips on how to get direct mail initiatives off to a successful start, delivering some instant results.

Fritz Richard, who owns MediaCrest, has explained that there are some simple rules for organisations to follow when seeking to execute a successful direct mail campaign.

Messages should be kept simple and to the point in direct marketing initiatives, he explains, so that customers are not overloaded with a wealth of information and get bored with the mailing before finding out what the company could offer them.

Writing in, Mr Richard said research has shown 45 per cent of readers will scan the body of a direct mail article and then read the post script before properly looking at the main text.

Therefore, ensuring an attention-grabbing post script is included in a direct mail can be almost as important as putting in a good headline.

Meanwhile, a new service has been launched in the US that could help companies planning direct mail campaigns. has launched the creation of express envelopes, which the firm says can help increase direct mail response rate because they look like priority packages, but only require standard post.

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