Too many businesses are mistakenly putting all their efforts into creating colourful direct mail marketing campaigns rather than ensuring their data is up-to-date, one expert has claimed.

With growing numbers of marketing professionals now looking to reduce their overheads by making their campaigns as targeted as possible, leading copywriter and advisor Bob Bly has claimed that an accurate mailing list can generate ten times as many leads as an inaccurately-distributed creative campaign.

Writing in his column for Business Management Daily, he stated: “In direct marketing, a mailing list is not just a way of reaching your market. It is the market.”

Indeed, failing to draw up an accurate mailing list for a campaign and using inaccurate customer data is the most costly direct mail mistake, according to Mr Bly, with businesses advised to turn to outside help if necessary.

Other common mistakes made in direct mail campaigns include not sending out reply forms or providing contact details, as well as failing to follow-up on initial correspondence.

This follows on from the advice recently given by Focus Media chief executive Josh Summers.

Writing in the New York’s Times Herald Record, Mr Summers advised that marketers should use their business mailing lists to the maximum in order to benefit from a strong customer base in these tough times.

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