Businesses should make use of online marketing by setting up a page on their website to interact with their customers and increase their presence in the industry, according to Mobile Business Magazine.

Pages like this, known as blogs, act like a diary for businesses and allow them to highlight any news about the company or industry and engage with readers on the issues of the day.

The theory goes that by creating a dialogue with consumers or business partners, companies can appear more approachable, gain new contacts or customer loyalty and get feedback on their products or marketing campaigns.

In addition, a company looking to increase their presence on search engines like Google can find blogs useful as the content can be updated regularly, which pushes their ranking higher up the page.

However, Mobile Business Magazine warns that companies that are slow to enter the world of blogging may miss out, noting in an editorial: “Because other businesses are getting into blogs, you may to have to do the same if you want to stay competitive.”

According to the magazine, companies making their first steps into the blogosphere should keep in mind the audience they are aiming to reach, make sure enough time is allocated to get the best results out of the blog and forget about trying to sell products through the blog as it is solely a way of building relationships and a business identity.

While simple blogs can be set up relatively easily, once a blog is up and running a company may want to call in the web designers to add features such as subscriptions and make the page look as professional as possible.

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