The purchasing of externally-compiled business lists for direct marketing campaigns can prove to be more effective than relying on internally-accumulated data, according to the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA).

Undertaking the project of building business lists can be a long and costly process, the organisation’s marketing and membership manager Jorgen Nygaard Andreassen has suggested.

Mr Andreassen went on to urge firms to talk about the Meaningful Return on Investment (MROI) of a campaign before buying.

He said: “It is much more effective to buy or rent a list because then you get the added values included. To build a sustainable list takes a lot of time and money.”

Mr Andreassen said that it was “important that the client is absolutely clear about what their target MROI is.”

The 2009 Marketing Outlook survey, conducted by StrongMail Systems, found that 51 per cent of global business leaders quizzed polled intend to increase their marketing budgets for targeted campaigns.

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