B2B marketers who use noticeable and attention-grabbing headlines in their direct mail campaigns are more likely to achieve success, an expert has suggested.

According to B2B direct marketing copy specialist Susan Fantle, firms can only generate adequate leads if their headlines catch recipients’ eyes.

Writing in B2BMarketingSmarts, she pointed out that headlines should earnestly try to convey useful information, as well as providing intrigue, specifics, big promises and revelations.

“You don’t want your prospects to have to think, you want them to react to your message, or in this case, your content title,” Ms Fantle said.

She explained that strong titles should instantly communicate a clear picture of what is in the content through the use of headlines such as “20 Questions for Smart Business Decisions” and “Top Five IT Budget Killers: What You Need to Know”.

Ms Fantle added that just a few active words is all that is needed to move content past sounding like “another ho-hum white paper” to a “must read”.

A recent study from Quocirca found that direct mail is one of the best mediums for building business relationships.

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