Marketing is becoming increasingly centralised, according to a new study of senior marketing professionals.

Research by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) reveals that 52 per cent of marketers practice in a centralised marketing organisation, while 49 per cent say that marketing has become more centralised within the last two years.

Centralised marketing is more popular within B2B companies, with 56 per cent of professionals in this field reporting increased centralisation, while the figure for B2C marketers stands at just 39 per cent.

ANA’s figures also reveal that 29 per cent of marketers are currently undergoing reorganisation, while 39 per cent have gone through structural change within the previous two years.

Only 13 per cent of marketers are very satisfied with their current structure; 47 per cent are somewhat satisfied, 18 per cent are neutral, while 23 per cent are somewhat or very dissatisfied.

“Companies are clearly moving to rein in dispersed marketing organisations and tightly integrate all the marketing disciplines,” said Bob Liodice, president of the ANA.

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