Keeping mailing lists up to date helps reduce the risk of undeliverable direct mail marketing campaigns, an expert has advised.

Michelle Sheehan, marketing and business development director at Pitney Bowes, said poor database hygiene levels significantly hamper the success rates of marketing campaigns and can ultimately result in companies missing their targets, reports Pro Print.

Speaking to marketing industry figures at the Printing Industries 20/20 conference in Sydney this week, Ms Sheehan said: “The last thing you want to do is send something out the door and have it come back. It’s basically throwing money out the door.”

“You’ll be surprised at how much business is in your existing customer base.”

A recent report conducted by IT firm Postcode Anywhere found that online companies in the UK miss out on more than £146 million every year because they have incorrect delivery addresses on their direct mail packages.

Furthermore, 5.8 million items fail to get delivered at the first attempt because of a mistake in the address.