Focusing on clear messages is a good way to speed up the time it takes to construct a B2B marketing campaign, an expert has said.

According to marketing consultant MH McIntosh, well-targeted messages that offer practical solutions are quicker to devise and communicate ideas more clearly than “oh-so-clever copy”.

Writing in Sales Leads Experts, he suggested that marketers should enlist the service of professional proofreading companies to save them time in re-reading copy to check for grammatical mistakes.

Mr McIntosh also advised marketers to make their communications as easy to read as possible, so the gist of their messages is properly conveyed to business leads.

“Remember, longer copy that is easy to skim (ie using subheads, bullets, call-outs, boldface, etc) works with both those prospects who prefer to read all the details and those who prefer to get right to the bottom line,” he said.

In a recent Media Post article, Chad White, research director at Smith-Harmon urged marketers to make use of well-branded design templates to give their campaigns an “air of professionalism”.

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