B2B marketing professionals have been advised that click-through rates for online advertisements are not as important as many people believe.

Tim Elkington, head of research at the Internet Advertising Bureau, said people need to worry less about click-through rates, as just because consumers do not act on an advertisement there and then does not mean that they have not registered it and might return to the brand in the future.

He argued: “Research that we’ve done has found that actually click-through rates are probably getting lower and lower, but to some extent that doesn’t matter, because people tend to notice ads online in exactly the same way as they do on TV.”

According to research by Connect Insight, 17 per cent of internet users feel online advertising is “impactful and appealing”.

However, this result is dependent upon the age of the user, with 16 to 34-year-olds more likely to feel these advertisements are relevant.

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