Cloud computing providers are best placed to keep business data as secure as possible, an expert has said.

Martino Corbelli, marketing director at communications services provider Star, explained that cloud service providers can help keep databases more secure than firms can when left to their own devices.

He pointed out that many companies now believe that storing data such as email address information and mailing lists in third-party data centres is indeed more secure than keeping information on in-house servers.

“We hold our customer’s data and securing it is they key thing about what we do,” Mr Corbelli said. “For us it’s the crown jewels of our business.”

“It’s got 24-hour support, it’s got more layers of security, everything’s backed-up and looked after on a 24/7 basis.”

According to the recent 2010 Future Threat Report published internet content security firm Trend Micro, there will be a rise in new attack vectors for cloud computing environments from next year.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing