An expert has advised marketers to improve the quality of their mailing lists by collecting website visitor information.

Michael McKerlie, head of management consultancy firm Ran One, said it is significantly cheaper to nurture existing clients than search for new email leads so marketers should collect crucial business data that allows them to learn more about visitor activity.

Writing for Smart Company, Mr McKerlie also advised marketers to put prominent messages on their web browsers that invite consumers to sign up to mailing lists.

“Your pitch needs to be more than an exercise in collecting names and addresses,” Mr McKerlie said.

“Make it clear you’ll be rewarding customers with discounts, sending regular free tips or professional advice too by mail or email.”

Writing in Marketing Profs, industry expert Barry A Densa recently said increasing value is one of the best ways marketers can capture the attention of email leads and convert prospects into sales.

Posted by Matthew Collins, Technical Director – IT Data Cleaning, Hygiene, Analytics, Databases