An expert has urged marketers not to forget the psychological impact colours have on direct mail campaigns.

William Arruda, founder of personal branding company Reach, said colours can be used by marketers to express the attributes of their brand and encourage emotional connections with business leads.

Writing in Marketing Profs, he advised marketers to improve their knowledge about what different colours mean so they will be better placed to choose a palette that accurately represents their brand.

Mr Arruda also suggested that colours used in a direct mail campaign should be relevant to target audiences and not alienate other demographics.

“Make sure it works in all parts of the world where you plan to work or do business,” he said. “If one of your brand attributes is international, be sure your colour doesn’t offend people in various cultures.”

A study released earlier this year by the University of British Columbia found that the colours red and blue can improve brain performance and receptivity to advertising.

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