The UK’s web users have given the thumbs-up to marketers’ use of direct mail in conjunction with online strategies, new research suggests.

A Royal Mail survey has found that seven in ten online users in Britain quizzed thought that direct mail worked best when combined with internet marketing, eMarketer reports.

However, participants disclosed that they still preferred the traditional technique of direct mail, rather than being contacted over the web, with six in ten confirming that direct mail works best.

Katrina Jackson, a Royal Mail spokeswoman explained: “Direct mail and digital campaigns can be complementary, increasing consumer spend by 25 per cent, and those who engage with [both] direct mail and online spend more on products and services than those who prefer to be marketed to only digitally.”

Another discovery made by the study was that customers who expressed a preference for online marketing and direct mail being used together spent £12 more per month than those who preferred to be reached exclusively by direct mail.

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