Direct mail can be complemented with online video techniques in order to increase a campaign’s chances of success, an industry body has suggested.

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), making use of cross-channel techniques is a good way to promote a firm, maximise exposure and achieve greater sales.

The organisation pointed out that sticking to just one method could isolate potential business leads and advised firms to diversify their marketing strategies using appropriate and tailored tools.

“You don’t sell cruises to 16-year-olds and you don’t sell skateboards to 60-year-olds – you have to be very specific,” noted Ray Jones, head of communications at the CIM.

He added that when it comes to targeting older demographics, traditional direct mail is still the best marketing platform to use.

The Direct Marketing Association recently announced that it plans to introduce a raft of new initiatives, including a business development service aimed at helping firms get the best out of their direct mail strategies.

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