Companies employing an internet email marketing strategy have been offered some top tips by an industry expert.

Writing for, Karyl Dixon said that one of the most important elements of direct email marketing is to include an unsubscribe link within all advertising material, which implies business confidence but also fulfils an industry obligation.

She says: “If an e-mail marketer only sends great content […] then most individuals will wish to stay.

“And according to the growing […] regulations within the email marketing world, it is truly essential to give your subscriber a website link to unsubscribe.”

She adds that the website to which users are directed in order to unsubscribe must allow them to do so instantly.

Another top tip identified by Ms Dixon is for email marketing firms to send messages at the same time each day, so potential customers can anticipate contact.

Doug Miles, UK managing director of the Association for Information and Image Management Europe recently claimed that many businesses fail to manage their email systems properly.

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