New Royal Mail charges on the size and weight of letters could impact negatively on business, according to a spokesman for, which sells cleaner bags and accessories online.

From Monday, the Royal Mail will introduce the new system which it claims will more accurately reflect the true cost of collecting, sorting and delivering mail.

But Nathan Wood, of, told BBC One’s Breakfast programme how businesses such as his own would be severely hit by the changes.

“Paying more is just making the system more complicated,” he said.

And whilst he stressed there was “nothing wrong with price increases”, Mr Wood maintained how the “extra burden on businesses is great as it complicates a straightforward system”.

Asked whether businesses would have to move the costs across to customers, he responded: “Many businesses I am sure will end up doing that but obviously we try not to do that.

“We try and offer a flat rate postage charge, so we really don’t wish to start passing the costs on.”

He said his company was now “looking at” using an alternative delivery method for larger parcels.

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