Adverts on local newspaper, magazine and television websites are more likely to have a positive effect on consumers, new research shows.

According to a study by the Online Publishers Association (OPA), consumers on all three of these local media sites are more likely to take action after viewing an ad than visitors on all other local content sites.

Most popular were local newspaper sites, which resulted in 46 per cent of consumers taking action including making a purchase, going to a store or conducting research. Next were local television sites with 44 per cent, followed by local magazine sites with 42 per cent.

The study also showed consumers expressed a significant amount of trust in advertisements on local content sites, with 56 per cent of respondents saying they strongly trust ads on these sites.

Pam Horan from the OPA commented: “Local content sites of all types play an important role in serving the local community but this report shows that local media sites have a very real advantage when it comes to delivering results for advertisers.”

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