While email and phone marketing has taken a bite out of the market in recent years, a new study has found that shoppers and business partners prefer receiving information through traditional mail.

Some 73 per cent of respondents said that mail was their favourite way of getting offers or being informed of new products as it is less intrusive and more convenient, according to a survey by International Communications Research for direct marketing company Pitney Bowes.

In comparison, just 18 per cent of consumers said they prefer e-mail contact, dropping to ten per cent when asked if they deal with their bills and other financial documents through e-mail.

Vice president of Pitney Bowes, Stacy DeWalt, told DMNews that targeting direct mail services effectively was still important, but said that the results of the survey showed that “the good news is direct mail is still your strongest weapon”.

Direct marketers may be further encouraged by other results of the survey which found that while unsolicited mail is discarded by 31 per cent of consumers, more than half of unwanted emails are never read by consumers.

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