Conversion paths are an ideal method for marketers to segment, qualify and convert email leads, an expert has said.

According to Anna Talerico, executive vice-president of post-click marketing company Ion Interactive, because conversion paths are targeted and flexible, they allow marketers to convert online respondents from paid search, email and display ads.

Writing in Marketing Profs, she explained that a conversion path is a conversion-focused, linear landing experience specifically designed to catch and convert incoming traffic from online marketing campaigns.

A conversion path always begins with a segmentation page, which targets the right content to the right respondent and reveals who is responding to which ad even if they do not convert.

“The result is insight into segments and conversions,” Ms Talerico stated, “so that instead of trying to globally optimise a marketing campaign for all, we can maximise each audience segment independently.”

She added that by segmenting users according to interests, marketers can apply highly relevant tests for offers that enable them to quickly determine what works best.

Marketing specialist Liz Jackson recently urged marketers never to underestimate the importance of email leads, as they play a vital part in companies’ growth potential.

Posted by Daryl Jay, Business Development Director – Sales, Industry News, General Marketing