Marketers have been advised to use a relevant tone when crafting copy for their websites.

Jan Riley, chief executive of Lead Masters USA and Art Can’t Hurt U, said firms should ensure the tone of their copy is appropriate for their target audiences and make sure that it is replicated throughout the site.

Writing on Practical e-Commerce, she explained that one of the best ways companies can achieve this is by imagining they are speaking to a niche group in person.

Ms Riley also pointed out that properly thought out copy can raise the profile of a company while also leading to increased sales.

“Good descriptions establish credibility by demonstrating that you actually know something about the product other than what the manufacturer provides,” she said.

“Create relationships between products and categories with text links and not just with navigation buttons.”

A previous survey by Responsys found that the vast majority (89 per cent) of marketers plan to increase the personalisation of their communications.

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