Marketers can take advantage of corporate videos to generate more sales, an expert has suggested.

According to Don Davis, editor of Internet Retailer magazine, corporate web-based videos can be particularly helpful in converting reluctant sales leads.

He pointed out that online merchants and e-tailers have been capitalising on the many benefits offered by videos and other forms of interactive content.

“Retail web sites have got much better in recent years in providing lots of images, videos and other information that can make consumers more comfortable buying all sorts of products online,” Mr Davis commented.

Online videos can also play a pivotal role in an effective cross-channel marketing strategy and complement other traditional offline platforms, such as direct mail.

Nicola Clark, features editor at Marketing Magazine, recently highlighted the importance of a decent cross-platform approach to marketing.

She explained that marketers should take full advantage of popular platforms such as social media, which allows companies to develop an “authentic personality”.

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