The benefits of using micro-blogging site Twitter as a vehicle for marketing drives have been shared by one digital communications expert.

Writing on the ClickZ advice blog, Bill McCloskey said creating a two-way dialogue between brands and customers is a “long unfulfilled dream” for email, while it is a “daily occurrence” on Twitter.

The service does have some downfalls, noted Mr McCloskey, including a confusing interface.

This problem could, however, offer firms a business opportunity, he suggested, such as creating a format that could pick out deals and discounts from top retailers.

While some marketers may feel Twitter lacks email’s measurability, Mr McCloskey advises they at least consider its value as a listening tool, tapping “into the psyche of the buying public”.

Earlier this week saw one marketing specialist suggest the web cannot rival the experience offered by direct mail campaigns.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Neil O’Keefe, of the Direct Marketing Association, said: “When you go farther into the website, you get a great assortment of products, but it’s hard to keep up with that lifestyle feel.”


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