An online marketing expert has advised marketing professionals that there is “no science” to creating engaging email marketing promotions.

According to Dianna Dilworth, associate editor of online marketing resource, companies should just always ensure that they make the content of their messages as clear and straightforward as possible.

Ms Dilworth added that the amount of information placed in messages should depend on what is being promoted and content should always be easy to read.

“The email should not try to do too much,” she explained. “If it is a welcome message, it shouldn’t also include a reminder about a sale. Too much information can be too overwhelming.”

A recent report conducted by Jupiter Research and Ipsos found that text drives more email click-throughs than images.

Over half (54 per cent) of respondents said they were prompted to open and respond by products or services featured, while 40 per cent were encouraged to open emails by written copy.

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