Creative and innovative advertising can help marketers achieve greater sales and expand their leads.

According to Tom Attea, president of Heavy Creative and author of The Secrets for Successful Creative Advertising, a well designed campaign can “kick start” advertising budgets and set marketers on a path to success.

Writing in the 60 Second Marketer, he pointed out that original material – whether funny, serious or odd – is just what marketers need to reignite the interest of clients who may be on the sidelines.

Mr Attea also warned marketers not to allow the visuals of their marketing materials to detract from the main message they are trying to convey.

“When creative advertising commits this error, it shakes the client’s confidence in it,” he explained.

“Yet when the resources of visual, verbal and dramatic art are used to magnify the selling proposition, creative advertising can outsell even hard-sell advertising.”

A previous survey by Datran Media Service found that a third of marketers believe that creative optimisation has the most impact on their advertising campaigns.

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