Topical issues can impact on customers’ perception of direct marketing campaigns, according to one expert.

Jamie Riddell, director of innovation, at Cheeze, has told Net Imperative that marketers should keep an eye on the events happening around the world for themes to steer clear of as well as ideas.

Mr Riddell explained that developments affecting people’s pockets often leave the door open for targeted campaigns.

He said: “Worldwide events will have an impact on, or will present an opportunity for, your campaigns. Consumers will react differently to your campaigns when the economy and markets change, creating new opportunities.

“Recent examples such as the financial industry collapses, the grounding of XL flights and the UK, floods are all opportunities to further manage your campaign or seek out an opportunity.”

Politicians in the US have utilised direct mailing services in the run-up to this month’s presidential election, as faith in the traditional mass media advertising avenue decreases, BNET reports.

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