Dolland & Aitchison (D&A) is looking for a direct marketing (DM) agency to handle its customer relationship marketing (CRM).

Target Marketing currently holds the high-street optician’s DM account but D&A is believed to be reassessing its approach, according to DMBulletin.

It wishes its DM approach to become more CRM focussed and Tim Bean, who heads up the company CRM department, is currently drawing up a shortlist of potential candidates.

Delaney Lund Knox Warren & partners holds D&A’s advertising account at the present time. It is worth around £4 million in total and went to the company last year without a sales pitch.

DLKW Dialogue handles all of D&A’s local and in-branch marketing.

D&A was without an agency for almost a year after it parted ways with DFGW back in 2004.


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